How to play a good drum

How to play a good drum

How to play a good drum
How to play a good drum

According to personal observations, every new beginner drummer has a drum or even a long time ago. Has a “mistake” in setting it. The problem of drum dragging is actually quite vital, if you set it up in the wrong way and shape its impact will affect your game and your own body. Uncomfortable drum sets will hurt the body like the back of a hunchback and a hand that quickly becomes sore because everything is far apart. And because you do not feel comfortable while playing the drums, your game will automatically be difficult to develop. In addition, if the drum is set correctly … the drum itself will look better (good looking).  is the correct position while picture  is wrong. Looks the difference is not it?

In  tom-tom are close together. Snare drum is a bit high so it is easy to use rimshot technique. Floor tom-tom is close to tom 13 “.Hihat slightly lower so that ‘playing area’ wider, you can play the top hihat also not just on the edge only.

In picture A2 tom-tom far apart so hard to play a fast roll. Snare drum is too low and sloping so it’s almost impossible to play a rimshot. Floor tom-tom too tilted and low so difficult to access. And cymbal hihat too high so ‘playing area’ is very limited, only the edges are easily accessible.

To put the tom-toms closer together, you need to set tom-toms higher. And to easily achieve high tom-tom, just stay up your drum chair position. Playing drums with a slightly high position will make the body more relaxed. See correct position of tom holder, B1 and B2. If the tom-toms are close together, you will be able to play the roll easily and will feel more comfortable and easy to play.

Look at the differences in the C1 and C2 images.

In the illustration below looks very different. The truth is, the drums are close together and the position is rather high so it is more comfortable to see and the wrong, all the drum positions are far apart and low so the drums look ugly. Note: Always elevate your seat position to play the ‘right’ set in comfort.

And these are tips for playing your drums good

Here are some important tips on playing a drum instrument and for the beginner, who will just learn this instrument, of course this can help you before playing this instrument.

So lets to read how to play a good drum

1. Use ear plugs to protect the ears from damage and always use during practice and perform.
2. Get used to using the metronome every time you practice drum so your tempo is always stable.
3. Relax, play drums do not tense and do not waste energy, no use.
4. Always prepare your own stick more than one pair if you want to appear.
5. Do not be quickly satisfied with the science you’ve been able to, keep on adding knowledge.
6. Do not be fanatical on one or two streams of songs only, this is what can hinder the creativity of players and make your game becomes monotonous and boring. Try a variety of musical genres and try to play the whole music stream.
7. In drumming should involve feel or should be really felt, do not come at and do not ever think that the harder the punch you will get better. And do not also think that the sooner you play then the better. Not really, violence and speed have nothing to do with musicality.
8. Practice from a slow tempo and once you get used to it, increase the tempo slowly. Do not you have to learn how to walk before you can run.
9. Listen to other musicians, do not just focus on yourself, listen to the others.
10. Be a creative drummer, give variety to every drum game you can. Because drum is still something ‘new’, there are many new variations that you can get.

how to play a good drum maybe we should make a situation relax not stress but relax

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