How to good play a piano

How to good play a piano

How to good play a piano
How to good play a piano

How to good play a Piano by Piano man Posted under: Articles Playing piano is not just about a quick hand movements and swift .how piano that really needs a good posture and breathing. Though not feeling it right now, poor piano playing posture will definitely affect in the long run. For example back pain or sore fingers, here are some tips on how to play piano. Hand Position
Unlike guitarists who use their fingertips to play, a pianist, should use a pad for your fingers. Get used to not flatten the fingers while playing. This can cause the hands and fingers to feel tense. It will also slow the tone change. So, instead of flattening your fingers, it’s better to be in a slightly curved hand position and ready for the next note.

If you do not know how to bend your fingers, try putting both hands on your knees. How a curved hand on the knee determines how to position the hand while playing the piano. Remember, the hand should look as though it is holding an orange.

The Right Posture
The spine should be shaped like “S” while playing the piano. Most beginners tend to bend back while playing the piano, causing their spine to form “C”. Maintaining a bent position causes back pain and neck pain (especially if playing for a long time). Sitting in a piano chair is different than sitting in an ordinary chair. Posture affects how to play the piano and breathe.

To sit on the piano properly, the knee should be slightly below the keyboard. In addition, the feet should also be stable on the ground. Try not to harden the shoulders. Instead, the shoulders should be slack, with slightly higher elbows than the keyboard. Straight but comfortable for the spine, in this way will not experience pain in the lower back if playing for long periods of time. Watch the head too. This takes practice, but in time you will know how to play the piano without having to worry about posture.

The problem of the piano bench
Sometimes a piano bench can also cause problems. Maybe the position is too high or too low to keep the posture stable and comfortable. If it is too high, can adjust the piano chair by adding an extra layer of padding (eg carpet). Now if it is too low, try adding shoe right to strengthen your feet on the ground. Remember, the piano bench not only hold the weight, should also make it comfortable.

Most beginners tend to hold their breath when they start playing the piano. Not being able to breathe regularly is not always good for a beginner piano player. If not breathing the muscles will tighten. When that happens, it will slow down the change of notes. It will also make it hard to learn to sing while playing the piano. So be sure to take a breath in time.

If it still hurts, always remember to relax. Learning how to play a comfortable piano is as important as being able to master the technical aspects of the instrument. So relax, relax, and breathe. Continue this habit and you can play and enjoy the piano for a long time!

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