Basic Technique Playing Piano

Basic Technique Playing Piano

Basic Technique Playing Piano
Basic Technique Playing Piano

1.   FINGERING (hand and finger forms, relaxation of arms & shoulders)
This fingering exercise is aimed at us as a musician, especially a piano player or keyboard, the position of our fingers and hands while playing is in the right position. And also for the shape of our fingers when playing on piano or keyboard keys are in position good. The exercise of these fingers covers the Tone and Cadence needs to be full of patience and relax in mind to make our fingers not tense, always preferable if we want to play with soul to fuse between the fingers that will play with the mind that sing a song Played.

2. TOUCHING (touch of the notes, legato-staccato, phrasing, dynamics and expression)
The exercises for touching are intended to make us, as musicians, especially pianos or keyboards. We understand our interpretation in playing music. Not just playing music, but it’s music that has to come out of our hearts. We know where we should be hard or soft. Play with no pressure or disconnect or dashed and or with the right accent. There are dynamics, feeling and expression

The exercise for rhythm and tempo is intended for, as we are musicians, it covers for all instruments. Good as a drums player, bass, guitar, percussions or also piano and keyboard. We need to know the price of notes, beats & rhythm pattern. We need to know also about the right tempo.
Rhythm in playing music (comping). There is a soul or groove in the music. There must be “life” in us playing in 1 band. We must also know about TIME SIGNATURE (the song was played in a tap 2/4, ¾, 4/4, 3/8, 6/8 etc)

4.  HARMONY (chords progression, voicing and accompaniment)

The exercise for harmony is aimed at making us richer in developing the chords that we use in a song. Also develop sounds that result from chords that we play. And also to expand the way we play in our context of accompanying a singer or congregation. Because with us playing in good harmonization, it will create a good unity. By having a good knowledge of harmony, we can make arrangements that can certainly be more comfortable. Knowing our position as a musician, more as a companion!


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