Learn to play guitar bass for beginners

Learn to play guitar bass for beginners

Learn to play guitar bass for beginners
Learn to play guitar bass for beginners

If you like bass guitar and dream of being a famous bassist, just calm bro take bass guitar and start learning it yourself  actually how to play bass guitar instrument, find new instrument and so forth quite easy, just need a little practice to master it. But if you want more than just can, we have to do a lot of practice theory and practice. Well for you who are lazy music course let alone paid here I will discuss the basic of how to play bass guitar.

Okay there are some things we must understand if you want to fluently playing bass, not just a matter of technique but also feeling. Placement of correct hand and bass positions so we can be comfortable while playing bass guitar.

1. Recognize the bass guitar part
The first is to familiarize yourself with the anatomy of the bass guitar, and understand the important parts of the bass guitar.

2. Learn how to tuning or setting the bass guitar.
Use a reference tone from a tuning device or tuning fork to set the bass. Bass set (from top) E-A-D-G where E is the lowest tone string and G is the highest note. About bass tuning is very similar to how the guitar tuning (ordinary).

3. Familiarize yourself with the amplifier.
Attach one end of the audio cable to the amplifier and the other end to the bass. Turn on the Amplifier and if it is finished do not forget to turn it off hehhe :). The first thing to learn is the difference between volume and gain Amplifier. Adjust the pot on the bass until we get a sound that fits and good. The basics of setting up bass amplifiers are also very similar to guitar Amplifiers.

4. Learn the right posture.
How to hold the bass while standing or sitting. Adjust the buffer strap so that when we play the bass feels comfortable. Place our right hand on the strings or thumbs on the spool bass. Can also place the hand along the fret bass, just like I said use our feeling, where its comfortable. For the left-handed (left dominant) yes just behind it

5. Learn how to pick bass.
Use the index finger and middle finger of our right hand to pluck the strings. Try to focus on how to pick our fingers, thus minimizing the movements of the wrists and arms of our hands. Learn how to alternately strum between your index and middle fingers. Practice switching between strings in the IMIM pattern where I is the index finger and M is the middle finger. We can use our thumbs as support on the back side of the bass.

6. Learn the music genre and develop our musical intelligence.
* At the start of listening to the song is a solid song will play guitar and bass techniques.
* Learn how to play E major.
* Learn to understand the role of bass players in a band or where we play.
* Learn the most common techniques like hammer-on (tapping the strings) and pull off (take off the strings).
* Learn to play the vibrato (raising or lowering the bass strings to get different sounds).
*Teach yourself from the songs we love. The goal is that we are more sensitive and better feeling in playing                     intonation bass.


Author: chord info