Forever Praise You Chord & Lyric : Jpcc Youth

Forever Praise You

By   : JPCC Worship Youth
Key : C

Intro : 3x 
F  C  G  Am

Verse 1 :
F         Am       C
Take my heart, take my life
In Your Hands
F          Am       C            G
Here I am, I will stand, use me now

Chorus :
F                      C
You consumed me from the inside
 G              Am               G
Buried my shame,You made me whole again
F                    C
You can see me through the outside
 G                  Am
My soul cries out, I am Yours

Interlude 1 : 
F  C  G  Am  

Verse 2 :
F          Am
You're my hope
 C                  G
My defense is in Your hands 
F          Am             C        G
In my life I give all to praise You now
Interlude 2 : 2x
F  C  G  Am 

Bridge :
F                 Am
Now my life's not my own
I belong to You Lord
I'll forever praise You
I'll forever praise You
You're the hope of my soul
I give my life to You Lord
I'll forever-praise You
I'll forever-praise You
(repeat 3x)
Ending : 4x
F  Am  C  G  
F  F  
Forever Praise You
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