His Love ( Jpcc Choir ) Chord, Lyric & Video

His Love 
By   : JPCC Choir
Key : C

Tempo : 57 ( 4/4 )

Verse :
C   Bm7b5  E    Am
I Close    My Eyes
               Gm   C      F
To The Things I Cannot Control
      C/E           Dm      G
I’m Letting Go, I Lift My Hands

C   Bm7b5  E     Am
I Hear     His Voice
Guiding Me Through
   C         F
My Fears And Doubts
He Carries Me
   Dm         G
He Lifts Me High

Chorus :
   C                    Bm7b5
He Calms The Storm To A Whisper
E  Am                        Gm    C
He Stills The Waves With His Power
     F                 Em    Am
With His Hands Working In My Life
I’ll Walk Through Valleys
Whom Shall I Fear

Chorus 2
  C               Bm7b5
He Heals The Brokenhearted
E  Am                     Gm     C
He Binds Up My Wounds And Pains
I Feel His Love
    Em       Am
Goodness And Strength
Following Me Close
        G      C
Through All My Life

Bridge :
F     G/F              E
By His Stripes, I Am Healed
                Am     Gm
There’s No More Pain
F     G/F                E
By His Blood, I’m Made Worthy
               Am     Gm
There’s No More Shame
F        G/F              E
By His Cross, Death Was Conquered
There’s No More Fear
I Worship You
I Praise You Lord
      F          G
For Your Great Love

His Love 
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