Arrival Chord,Lyric & Video : Hillsong Worship


By   : Hillsong Worship ( The Peace Project )
Key : A

Intro :
 A    Dmaj7  A   Esus4   E 
 F#m  Dmaj7  A   Esus4   E 

Verse 1
A                            D
Who is God that He would take our frame
        A        Esus4      E
The artisan inside the paint
   F#m                           D
Or breathe the very air His breath sustains
        A           Esus4     E
The architect inside the plan

Chorus :
             F#m         D         A         Esus4 E
Oh come now, hail His arrival, the God of crea  -  tion
F#m     D            A           Esus4 E
Royalty robed in the flesh He crea  -  ted
A          D          A/E          E
Jesus, the maker, has made Himself known
F#m          D        Esus4 E    A   Dmaj7  A  Esus4 E
All hail the infinite in -  fant God

Verse 2
    A                             D
The One who had no start and knows no end
      A                Esus4     E
Became confined in time and tense
    F#m                     D
The Everlasting God, the Great I Am
            A          Esus4
In the mercy of a mother's hands


Instrumental :  
D   E   F#m 
D   A   Esus4  E

Bridge 1
D            E         F#m                  D     A
The One who holds the stars in the creases of His hands
                        Esus4        E               D
Is the One who holds my heart like a mother once held Him
            E          F#m                  D       A
The One who knows what lies where space has run it's course
                  Esus4        E            D
Embraced a baby's mind and now I can know my God
            E      F#m              D       A
The monarch of the stars, the King above all kings
                Esus4          E             D
The ruler of my heart, and the Saviour for my sins
            E         F#m              D    A
The One who sees what lies in each and ev'ry soul
                    Esus4        E         A       A/C#   D   A   Esus4  E
Embraced our finite eyes and now we can see our God

Verse 3
    F#m                     D
The holy Word of God defined by name
          A            Esus4
The author climbed inside the page


Interlude same Like Intro

A                Dmaj7                            A
God embraced our frame when He graced the world He made
               Esus4     E
All hail the divine in a manger
F#m               Dmaj7                             A
Love embraced our fate when the playwright took the stage
             Esus4          E
All hail the arrival of our Maker

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