You are More Chord & Lyric : Hillsong

You are More

By     : Hillsong Worship
Keys : G

Verse :
              Em                 G
On the day I called, You answered me
         C          G        D
And the hope in my soul increased
           Em                G
I lift my hands and turn my eyes
        C                G                  D
To the God who heals my heart and gives me peace

         Am   Em      G
You are more than my words could ever say
         C         G         D
You are Lord over all, over all of my days
        Am                Em            G              D
I will see this season through, I will fix my eyes on You
      C         D
Only You, only You

Verse 2:
        Em              G
I worship You and lift You high
        C          G           D
God forever let Your name be glorified
        Em               G
I lift my voice and sing Your name
        C               G                    D    
For you gave Your life to cleanse my sin and took away my shame

 G               D
Hallelujah, the earth will sing
          Em           C   D
May Your name be glorified
You are More
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