Unending Love Lyric,Chord & Video : Hillsong

Unending Love

By     : Hillsong Worship
Keys : D
Intro : 
Bm  G  D

Verse : 

            Bm                     G
There's no silver or gold and no treasure untold 
That can draw me away from Your heart
         Bm                  G                 D
Neither love of myself or of anyone else will do


A        Bm          G           A         Bm        G
Jesus, nothing compares to this grace that rescued me
 A        Bm         G           A         Bm       G
Saviour, now and forever, Your face is all I seek

Chorus :

D                A           Bm
Now all I am, I lay at Your feet
I'm humbled by the wonder of Your majesty
D                    A          Bm    
One thing I know, I find all I need
                                 G         Bm    D
In Your unending love, in Your unending love

Verse 2
Unending Love
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