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Where You Are chords

Where You Are chords

Intro  :   
Emaj7   Db7  Abm7   B/Gb  

Verse 1
 Emaj7               Db7
I lived heart on the wire
 Abm7                  B/Gb
Hand in the fire for so long
But You've shown me better
A new kind of love
 Abm7               B/Gb
It's ever the one I want

 Emaj7                    Db7
I'm lifting You higher higher
 Abm7                           Gb
There's nothing that I'd rather do
 Emaj7                   Db7
A sweet elevation of praises
 Abm7                           Gb
There's no one I love more than You

I never knew a love like this before
 Db7                              Abm7
The kind of life that I could not find on my own
 Gb                Emaj7                  Db7
I've seen the world but I have never been so sure
That I want Your heart 
 Gb                              E
God I just want to be where You are
 Dbm     Abm
Where You are
I just want to be where You 

Verse 2
 Emaj7                Db7
Love like nothing I've seen
 Abm7                         B/Gb
My wildest of dreams don't come close
 Emaj7                               Db7
But I've never known better than living like this
 Abm7                    B/Gb
I cannot resist You Lord

 Gb                     Dbm7           E
And after all this time with You by my side
 Abm                          Gb
I can't imagine what it'd be like on my own
 Dbm7                            E
I've made up my heart this love is all I've got
 Abm                            Gb
And You're the only one I know worth living for
sweet elevation of praises there's no one I love more than You >

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