Only Wanna Sing Chord & Lyrics – Hillsong Y&F

Only Wanna Sing Chords

Only Wanna Sing Chords
Intro : Em C G D/F#

Verse 1

Em             C
 This is no performance
 G              D/F#
 Lord I pray it’s worship
Em      C    G        D/F#
 Empty words I can’t afford

Em                C
 I'm not cha - sing feelings
 G                D/F#
 That's not why I'm singing
 Em     C       G        D/F#
 You're the rea - son for my song


Em   C            G
 I only wanna sing
 D/F#            Em
 If I sing with everything
 C                     G
 If I sing for You, my King

Em   C            G
 I can't imagine why
 D/F#                 Em
 I would do this all for hype
 C                     G
 'Cause it's all to lift You high

Hook : Em C G D/F# [2X]

Verse 2

Em               C
 You don't want perfection
 G                 D/F#
 Just my soul's attention
Em    C     G         D/F#
 All I have is what I'll give

Em                            C
 More than a song that lasts a moment
 G                   D/F#
 I live a life of ho - nest worship
 Em                           C
 If I need to sing, then I'll sing with purpose
 G                     D/F#
 All the praise, Lord You deserve it now

Chorus [ ..... ]

Instrument : Em C G D/F#


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