Transfiguration Chord,Lyric & Video :Hillsong


By    : Hillsong Worship
Key  : C

Intro : Dm7 F C G

Verse 1

Dm7                F
From the cloud You speak
         C             G
What was veiled now is seen
Dm7             F        C       G
Jesus the image of the invisible God

Verse 2

Dm7         F
Divinity confirmed
       C            G
In the transfigured Word
Dm7                  F
That kingdom once concealed
       C           G
On the earth now revealed


F                            Dm7
Holy is the Lord revealed before my eyes
       Am7                                G
And my burning heart can scarcely take it in
   F                            Dm7
As I behold your beauty with unworthy eyes
    Am7                           G
The only song my soul can find to sing
         F          G          C/E     F
Is Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah my King

Verse 3

Dm7             F
Lead my longing heart
       C                G
To the high ground to a clear view
Dm7             F           C       G
And in awe I'll be there, beholding You

Music : 2x
F  G  C/E  F 


      Am7          F
Now I know, I have seen
     C                      G
Your glory that cannot be unseen
     Dm7                  F
I am changed and changing still
     C                         G
As I look upon You Lord and believe




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