My Soul Surrenders Chord,Lyric & Video : JVCC

My Soul Surrenders

By     : JPCC Worship, Made Alive

Intro : 
Gm  F/A  Bb 
( 2x )

Verse 1
Gm              F         Eb 
Here I am with my arms lifted high 
Gm              F       Eb 
As the light begins to fade 
Gm         F/A           Bb 
Hear my cry my prayer my plea 
 F                     Cm 
I'm counting on Your grace for me 

Verse 2
Gm              F            Eb 
Through the storms and my uncertainties 
Gm              F      Eb 
Lord I put my trust in You 
Gm        F/A           Bb 
You're my Savior and my peace 
 F                     Eb 
Oh Christ my King I will draw near


Bb            F 
So my soul surrenders 
Gm                      Eb 
To my faithful God my faithful God 
Bb                  F 
You’re my hope and anchor 
 Gm        Eb 
I trust in You

Interlude :
Bb  F  Gm  Eb
Bb  F  Gm  Eb

Bb          F 
Where would I be 
Gm           Eb              Bb 
If not for Your grace that rescued me 
 F           Gm               Eb 
My life surrendered to worship You
My Soul Surrenders
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