The basic scales theory of music

The basic scales theory of music

The basic scales theory of music . They have two variants, commonly called “Basic Ladder Ties” and there are so-called “Tone Ladder # (read: ¬†cress ) or b (read: moll).) Mole symbols are shaped like ‘b’. Or moles ranging from 1 cress / moll to 7 cress / moll The theme I will try to raise here is about Basic Tone Ladder

Basic Tone Ladder is a scale with basic tone 1 (read: do) = C. On this scale there is no sharps / moll. And from this scales all the calculation of sharps / moll starts.

Ladder 1 = C when written into: C-D-E-F-G-A-B-to C again (1 octave)

Writing scales written “do equals” can be interpreted as major scales. The minor ladder is written not by “do equals”, but is generally “la equal to”. How is a scale called the major or minor? Each scales have laws of legal distance

On the scale of major tone is applicable the law of distance is :

The basic scales theory of music
The basic scales theory of music

One-one-half-one-one-one-half Or 1-1-1/2-1-1-1-1/2

When translated into :

Distance C to D = 1, D to E = 1, E to F = 1/2, F to G = 1, G to A = 1, A to B = 1, and B to C again = 1/2.


The halfway distance on this scale is from E to F and B to C.

The minor staircase applies legal distance is :


So in the basic minor tone is: A-B-C-D-E-F-G-A

Of course still very less if not applied to the instrument, for that let’s try. In guitar / bass the guitar distance from one fret to the next fret is half. So if you want to raise one tone, slide 2 frets. On keyboard or piano, the half distance is the distance from the white keys to the black keys after and before, but if between the two white keys there is no black key (B to C and E to F) so it is counted as a distance.

Ladder major and minor tone will sound the difference when played with a musical instrument. Major tone when heard will be cheerful, bright and fresh. Unlike the minor scales that when heard will feel gloomy and dark. The use of each of these scales depends on the “taste” of the music or song you want to present.

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