Guitar Melody Technique

Guitar Melody Technique

Guitar Melody Technique
Guitar Melody Technique

The easiest stage in learning a melody is by reading the tab. By understanding the data table on the tab makes us know which strings should be in the press so it will feel very easy.

Well here are some things that need to be understood when learning melody

  1. Holding A Pick

The right way to choose a position is between the pal bends the index finger and thumb, do not be pinched because it can be more difficult if playing quickly and it can make a quick sore on the wrist and also make the pick can spin

2. Fretting Notes

For this condition you need to have a proper finger arch (language cool) so that my friend just touch the string only and produce a sound that is not buzzing as desired.

3. Hammer On

Hearing the word Hammer (hammer), maybe my friend already understand how to play. Yeah that’s true. This is a technique of playing the guitar with two fingers and then pressing the finger behind it but still in the condition of one passage. The resulting sound is legato, as A tone moves to B but still in one voice is connected smoothly

4. Pull Off

One string pass will produce two connected sounds.
Like when playing guitar on the root chord B then move to the A tone by releasing the B tone but still in one passage. How to mind her tone is not dragged but released or in lift

5. Bending

If you know the guitar tremolo up down, the sound produced from the guitar is a clone of this technique. This technique is often used, because the sound produced is very beautiful, buzzing but up and down

6. Slide

There are two types of slides: slide shift and slide legato. In the notation, usually use a straight line to show the slide. But if the legato slide it adds a wow and very difficult variation. Slide slide legato way is a curved line (up and down) that connects two tones.

Meanwhile, if the slide shift movement normal straight. If you want to slide legato, it means you need to play two tones as smoothly as possible and no need to strum again

7. Vibrato

How to play it is by pressing the strings with a finger tilted to stick to the previous string. Then ring the string and release the finger but still attached to the strings. Commonly called a pivot point

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