You Hold Me Now Chords – Hillsong United

you hold me now chords

You Hold Me Now Chords


By  : Hillsong United
Key : D

Intro :
D G Bm G

Verse 1 :

On that day when I see 
         G            D 
All that You have for me 
When I see You face to face 
      F#m                A 
There surrounded by Your grace 
All my fears swept away 
       G             D 
In the light of Your embrace 
Where Your love is all I need 
    F#m          A 
And forever I am free 

Pre Chorus 1 :

Where the streets are made of gold 
In Your presence healed and whole 
Let the songs of heaven rise to You alone 

Chorus :

D              G          Bm 
    No weeping no hurt or pain 
No suffering You hold me now You hold me now 
D                  G       Bm 
    No darkness no sick or lame 
No hiding You hold me now You hold me now 

Verse 2 :

In this life I will stand 
Through my joy and my pain 
Knowing there's a greater day 
There's a hope that never fails 
Where Your Name is lifted high 
And forever praises rise 
For the glory of Your Name 
I'm believing for the day 

Pre Chorus 2 :

Where the wars and violence cease 
All creation lives in peace 
Let the songs of heaven 
Rise to You alone 

Instrument :

G     A   Bm  
D/F#  G   A 

Bridge :

  For eternity 
  All my heart will give 
Em                      G 
  All the glory to Your Name

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