You Are Life Chords – Hillsong Worship

You Are Life Chords

You Are Life Chords

By          :  Hillsong Worship 
Album       :  There Is More
Key        :  C 

Intro :

C   C/E   Am   F

Verse 1 :

C             C/E                 Am
 You have come And we have found life
C     C/E                Am
 Now alive to know Your freedom
Never ending

Pre Chorus :

 You alone have made a way for us
Am       F
 In Your love
You are life

Chorus :

C                  C/E
 I'm living in the light of my Saviour
Am              F
 Dancing in the arms of forever
C                     C/E
 I'm singing like I'm walking on water
Am        F             C    C
 You are life, alive in me

Verse 2 :

C              C/E             Am
 From greyest skies to living color
You have called us
C          C/E              Am
 In Your life Your light uncovered
The world to see now

Pre Chorus [...]

Chorus [...]

Post Chorus :

C/E         F
 I give my life to follow
Gsus                    Am
 Cause Your love is all I want now
C          C/E
 You are life
Am         F              C
 You are life, alive in me

Bridge :

    Am                       Am
For all the world to find Your love
For all the world
   F                  C
To see that You are God
Forever be lifted high
The One who holds the universe
And every beating heart
Across the earth
Jesus be lifted high
You are life

Chorus [...]

Post Chorus [...]

Ending :
C   C   C   C
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