Through It All Lyric,Chord & Video : Hillsong

Through It All

By      : Hillsongs United Live
Keys  : G
Intro : 2x
G  D/F#  Esus  C9  D 


 G  D/F#               Esus
You are forever in my life
     C9             D 
You see me through the season
 G   D/F#            Esus
Cover me with Your hands
     C9              D 
And Lead me in Your righteousness

   Bm          C9
And I look to You
   Bm          C9 D
And I wait on You


 G                       C9 
I'll sing to You, Lord a hymn of love
          D  Emsus   C9  D
For Your faithfulness to me
 G                       C9  
I'm carried in everlasting arms
        D/F#   G    C9(pause)
You'll never let me go
Through It all
Through It All
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