The Table Chord – Darlene Zschech & HopeUC

The table Chord

The Table Chord

BY    : Darlene Zschech
Tempo : 140 Bpm
Key   : G

Intro :

Verse 1 :
No palace worthy of our King
       D          C       D
Too many walls to keep Him in
Em       C                   G
But a mansion worthy of this Son
C      D                 G
Was a stable that said ‘welcome’
A journey on a starry night
                 C           D
The wisest ones followed the light
      G         C           G
They gathered round the Holy One
C        D                       G
Who was born to love and lead us home

     D   Em      C       G
Hark the herald angels sing
    D    Em     C        D
Hear the sound and enter in
     D   Em     C              G
There’s a place reserved, just come
Am      G         D        G     D
‘Cause Jesus eats with everyone

Verse 2 :
A child who is the King of Kings
D       G     C             D    G
Who made a way of grace for sin
Em          C             G
Our humble Savior gave it all
Am    G           D         G
So we’d be seated with the Lord

Chorus 1 [ ...... ] 
 D             C          G
Hear the whisper of His heart
D       Em          C       D
The goodness of our saving God
 D       Em        C         G
It doesn’t matter what we’ve done
C        G        D     G
‘Cause Jesus eats with everyone

Interlde : 4x 
Am G D Em C G

 Am   G     D      Em
We gather at the table
C               G
The table of the Lord
Am    G    D    Em
Come one, come all 
C           G
Come as you are
G                D   Em
We gather at the table
The table of the Lord
    G                D       Em   
Just seek and you will find Him,
 C          G
Come as you are
{ Repeat ones Again }

Chorus 2 : [ ...... ]
The Table Chord

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