Thank You Lord – Don Moen


Thank You Lord

By   : Don Moen

Intro :
G     D     C    D

Verse :

G                                   D
I come before you today
Am                                                       Em
And there's just one thing that I want to say
C                   D       C               D
Thank you lord thank you lord
G                                       D
For all you've givwn to me
Am                                         Em
For all the blessing that I can't see
C                      D      C                 D
Thank you lord,thank you lord

Pre Chorus :

G                                     D
ith a graceful heart, with a song of praise
Em                                           C
With an outstrerched arm I'll bless you name

Chorus :
G                     D/F#
C                                            D
I just want to thank you,lord
G                  D/F#
Thank you,lord
C                                          D
I just want to thank-you-lord
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