Surely The Presence Chords by Heritage Singers

Surely The Presence chords

Chords Surely The Presence

By    :  Heritage Singers

Key  :  C


C           Em               F
Surely the presence of the Lord
is in this place
I can feel His mighty power
        C       F
and His grace
G7     C                  Em
I can hear the brush of angel's wings
      F              Dm
I see glory on each face
           G7               Dm
Surely the presence of the Lord
   G7       C
is in this place

[Verse 1]

       C             Am
In the midst of His children
    F                G
The Lord said would be
    C            Am
It doesn't take many
       F                G
It can be just two or three
      E               Am
And I feel that same spirit
          F             C
that I've felt times before
D7            Dm
Surely I can say
I've been with the Lord

[Chorus]  [...]

[Verse 2]

          C          Am
There's a holy hush around us
   F               G
As God fills this place
      C                      Am
I've touched the hem of the garment
        F             G
I can almost see His face
       E             Am
And my heart is overflowing
          F                C
with the fullness of this joy
I know without a doubt
          Dm             G7
that I've been with the Lord

[Chorus]  [...]
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