Safe chords & Lyrics by Alisa Turner


Chords Safe by Alisa Turner

By    :  Alisa Turner

Key  :  Db

Gb   Bbm   Ab  Ebm

[Verse 1]
Gb                           Bbm
There's a darkness that has tried to swallow me
   Ab                        Ebm
I haven't seen the light for days
Gb                       Bbm
I've been running for so long
Fear racing through my bones
'Til You brought me to this place

[Chorus 1]
Db                  Ab
Safe, I'm finally safe
         Ebm             Gb
I can hide here, I can hide here
Db                 Ab
Safe, You hold me safe
       Ebm            Gb
I'm okay here, I'm okay here
            Gb   Bbm   Ab   Ebm
Completely safe

[Verse 2]
Gb                             Bbm
There's no shadow, there's no shame
No need to numb the pain
There's nothing to explain
Gb                    Bbm
Only kindness with no boundaries
Mercy that surrounds me
Love that sings my name

Gb   Bbm   Ab   Ebm

[Chorus 2]
Gb    Bbm  Ab   Ebm
Safe,      safe
Gb                Bbm
Safe, I'm forever safe
       Ab              Ebm
I can hide here, I can hide here
Gb               Bbm
Safe, gloriously safe
     Ab             Ebm
I'm okay here, I'm okay here
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