I Need You More -Maria Shandi

I Need You More
I Need You More

By     : Maria Shandi
Keys : E

           E                F#m7
I need You more, more than yesterday
 B           A                   E
I need You Lord, more than words can say
  B/D#     C#m        F#m7
I need Youmore, than ever before
           A/B              E
I need You Lord, I need You Lord
Verse :
More than the air I breathe,
              B      C#m 
More than the song I sing
E/G#          A   
More than the next heartbeat
A/E       E
More than anything
And Lord, as time goes by,
          B       C#
I will be by your side
        F#m7          E/G#       A/B
Cause I never want to go back to my old life.

Outro :  
C#m                G#m               A
Right here in Your presence is where I belong
C#m             G#m               A
This old broken heart has finally found a home
And I'll never be aloneā€¦

Chorus :
           A                E/G#
I need Youmore, I need You more (repeat)
         F#m7          E/G#      A/B
'Cause I never want to go back to my old life
I need you more.

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