Heart Of God Chord & Lyrics – Hillsong Young & Free

Heart Of God Chord

Heart Of God Chord

By  : Hillsong Young & Free
Key : C

Intro :

Am   G   F   C
Dm   C   G   F

Verse 1 :

Am       G      F       C
Here I stand before You now
   Dm     C    G      F
As honestly as I know how
Am      G     F         C
Broken by the days gone by
Dm      C      G       F
Spirit help my soul to rise

Instrumental :

Am   G   F   C
Dm   C   G   F

Verse 2 :

  Am      G       F       C
I try my best but still I fail
    Dm     C         G       F
And even then You're with me there
      Am      G     F        C
You remind me I'm a child of God
  Dm        C     G           F
Regardless of the things I've done
       Dm       C       G       F
All my hope is found in perfect love

Chorus :

     Csus    C                F/A    Am
Your mer  -  cy triumphs over judg - ment
Love wider than horizons
Stronger than all sin
          Csus   C
Lord Your kind - ness
              F/A   Am
Leads us to repen - tance
To the heart of God
Your heart oh God
Is all I want

Instrumental [ .... ]

Verse 3 :

     Am       G      F    C
They say that it's impossible
   Dm   C      G        F
To ever save a sinner's soul
       Am       G      F    C
But my God says to the prodigal
    Dm      C           G       F
"My beloved one, You're welcome home"

Chorus [ ...... ]

Bridge :

                  F      G
All to Jesus I surrender
                Am       C
All to Him I freely give
                     F        G
I will ever love and trust Him
                  Am         C
In His presence daily live, ooh
{ Repeat 2x }

Chorus [........]

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