Grace So Glorious Chord-Elevation W

grace so glorious

Grace So Glorious

Verse 1

Am            G/B              C 
Beneath the cross of Jesus Christ 
     F                          G 
No shadow remains for shame to hide 
    C/E                     F 
Redemption shone for all to see 
 Am7          G            F 
Perfection bore our penalty 
         Dm         G       C 
With a grace so glorious... 
Verse 2

Immortal day the veil was torn 
When mercy donned a crown of thorns 
As law gave way to liberty 
And freedom for humanity 
With a grace so glorious. 
Pre Chorus

G/F       C/E      F       C/E       G 
Oh the glory of the Savior's love 
 Am7        G           F 
Surrounding our surrender 
G     G/F     C/E            F   C/E    G 
To know forever we are welcomed home


C/E                 F 
Crowned in glory to glory 
Am7               G 
Worthy is the Lord of all 
C/E            F 
The glory forever 
Am7           G 
Holy is the Lord 
Verse 3
Triumphant praises without end 
All hailing the King of righteousness 
And every eye beholds the One 
Our hearts were undeserving of 
With a grace-so glorious 
Solo Music :
Am7  C  F  G Am7  C  G
Verse 4 
O wondrous day when I will see 
The face of Him who ransomed me 
I'll fall in worship at His feet 
And rise to reign eternally 
In a grace so glorious 2x
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