Good Grace Chords – Hillsong United

Good Grace Chords

Good Grace Chords

By  : Hillsong United
Key : A

Verse 1 :

A       D      A
People, come together
Strange as neighbours
    E        A
Our blood is one
    A         D    A
Children, of generations
Of every nation
Of kingdom come

Chorus :

               D         A
Don’t let your heart be troubled
E           F#m
  Hold your head up high
      D       A
Don’t fear no evil
E          F#m              D
  Fix your eyes upon this one truth
        A             E
God is madly in love with you
F#m                 D       A
 Take courage, hold on, be strong
Remember where our help comes from

Verse 2 :

A           A
Jesus, our redemption
Our salvation
   D      A
Is in His blood
A               A
Jesus, light of heaven
Friend forever
    D       A
His kingdom come

Interlude :

 F#m   D   A ( x4 )
 E   F#m   D   A { repeat }

Bridge :

       E             F#m
Swing wide, all you heavens
D                  A
 Let the praise go up
                   E            F#m
As the walls come down, all creation
D                  A
 Everything with breath
           E               F#m
Repeat the sound, all His children
D                   A    
 Clean hands, pure hearts
Good grace, good God
             F#m     A
His Name is Jesus
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