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forevermore chords

Chords Forevermore

By    :  Gereja Mawar Sharon

Key  :  G


G           D/F#        Em
Majesty wonderful Your name
D          C
In all the earth
G           D/F#       Em
Marvelous glorious You are
 D                  C
Our King of grace divine

[Pre Chorus]

D  Em   C
Jesus name above all name 
D   Em   C
We raise our voice in praise
D  Em    C
Jesus blessed redeemer 
D   Em                D
We live our hands and say


G    D/F# Em       D
Holy holy God almighty 
C                Bm
The glory of our Lord 
Am                 D
We praise forever more
G       D/F#     Em      D
Faithful savior mighty tower 
C                Bm
The glory of our Lord 
Am            D        G
We praise You forever more


C            Em
Blessing and honour
Glory and power
C        Em             D
Blessing and honour to You
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