Faithful to God

Faithful to God

Faithful to God
Faithful to God

Faithful to God, No need to look back, we will not go back there. God always leads us forward.
Look to the future with confidence because God is always with us.
A useful life is a life that reflects the glory of God.
Living with God is not a life without a plan, but planning according to God’s will.Many complain of inhibiting blessings, many are grateful for bringing blessings.
Do not throw me out of your sight, and take not your holy spirit from me!
Keep trying and do not give up. For the result, we surely leave it to God.

Faithful to god very important ,God never sleeps. Keep praying and do not give up to fight.When we will give up, remember what we want to achieve.Sincerity will make us more ready in solving any problems.Maybe God does not give us something quickly, but God will give us right.Something that we must certainly will get satisfactory results.
Prepare for the worst, but still hope for every good.There is no false hope if we always hope in God.
God’s promise is never too late,If we’re always faithful to God, His promise is always right at the right time too.
Do not just expect the ease in every one of our lives, but expect the inclusion of God in every difficulty in our lives.

The enough sense with thanksgiving makes us rich in God’s presence.
Staying and believing in God in difficult situations is a good grip when testifying about Christ.
When there is no peace in the heart, that’s the right moment to self-correct.
Love is not to be stored and felt alone, but to be shared with everyone.
God will be with everyone who is obedient and always around Him.
God is able to heal wounds in the heart. Just come to Him and He will heal.

Maybe God puts us in an uncomfortable place so we can always give thanks to Him.
Let’s do what is ours; God will do His part.
God gives us what we need, not what we want.
If our attention is on God, then we will be sensitive to hear His voice.
Life is simple enough, but sometimes we make it complicated.
God has two dwellings, one in Heaven, and the other is in the heart that is meek and grateful.
In the school of life, the Holy Spirit is the Teacher and the Bible is his book.
God’s love and care never faded. So, wherever & whenever we should be grateful to Him.
We can hope on God’s promises because we know He is a faithful God.
People who believe in God are led by the Holy Spirit to be righteous.

The location of the power of love is in the act of sacrifice.Find joy, then the joy of pain relieves.Life can give us 100 reasons to cry, but God gives us 1000 reasons to smile.God always gives hope to those who do not give up, miracles to believers. He does not leave those who walk with Him.Do not regret what has happened. We are so precious in the sight of the LORD who loves us.We are called not only to start a good thing, but also to end it well.

Seeking God’s will means inviting Him to lead our way.How bad our situation depends on the good of our loyalty in loving God.We can reach far more in an hour with God than a lifetime without God.
God never questioned our ability or incompetence, but our willingness.God always takes a simple way. Sometimes humans make themselves difficult.Being faithful in the little things is the beginning of loyalty to the great things.
Do not be afraid to face a case, because God always walks with us.Brave does not mean no fear, daring means to keep moving when we are afraid.When we have a love that is willing to give the best, then God will shower us with blessings and grace.Nothing is too great for God to achieve, nothing too small to escape the Lord’s attention.
Do not be afraid if we experience failure. As long as we walk with God, victory will come to us.

Most of us are not grateful for what we already have, but we always regret what we have not yet accomplished. Be grateful.People who believe in Jesus will be empowered to help others.
Human strength is limited, but the Holy Spirit enables us to do the deeds of love

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