Faithful Forever Chord -JPCC

Faithful Forever

Faithful Forever

By   : JPCC Worship, Made Alive
Key  : G 

Verse 1 :

      C      G
Light into the night
     Em           C
Your glory shines bright
       C        G
You restored my sight
I come alive

Verse 2 :

           C      G
You're the reason why
   Em            C
My dreams are realized
        C       G
For You will supply
All that I need

Chorus :

C                G
When I step into the unknown
Em                D   Em
I know I'll never be alone
C                   G
You have won me the victory
  Em            D
Before I even believed
C                      G
When my mind could not understand
Em              D     Em
Holy Spirit You comprehend
C               G
Lead me until I reach the end
Em      D
You are faithful forever

Verse 1 [...]

Verse 3 :
               C           G
You've loved me through the years
   Em           C
So whom shall I fear
       C        G
Now my eyes are clear
You’re all I need
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