Chord Have Your Way Laurie Klein

Chord Have Your Way_Laurie Klein

Chord Have Your Way & Lyrics

Title Song : Have Your Way
Artist : Laurie Klein
Key : Am

  Am  F  Gsus  G
  Am  F  C2  F/A
  Verse 1
 Am              F     Gsus           G
  Long after the tears fall I'm still Your child
  Am             F Gsus            G
  I put down my defenses lay down my pride
  Am        F      Gsus           G
  Love and forgiveness flow deep and wide
     Am7           F       C   Am7  F/A
 So I?ll   run to You and surrender all
 G    C           C/A#
 As I lay down my life pick up my cross
  F2/A                     Fm6/G#
 What a joy it is to give my life away to You
  C/E            C/A#
 All that I need, all   that I seek    
     D                 Dm7
 Is You here with me, Holy Spirit
  Gsus      G      C
 Have Your way in me
 Verse 2
 Am7         F      Gsus           G
 In times of trouble though trials may come
  Am7       F      Gsus        G
  The Rock of Ages is standing strong
  Am7          F       Gsus         G
  I'm fighting battles but the war is won
         Am7     F       G   Am7  F/A
 So I'll run to You and surrender all
 (Repeat Chorus)

 C/E     F       Gsus    Am7
 More of You and less of me
  C/E     F2      Gsus    Am7
 More of You and less of me
  C/E     F2      Gsus    Am7
 More of You and less of me
  C/E     F   C/E      G
 More of You overflow - ing
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