Champion Chords – Bryan and Katie Torwalt

Champion Chords

Champion Chords

By   : Bryan and Katie Torwalt
Key  : G

Intro :
G   Em 
C   G/B   G 

Verse 1 :

O victory, You have won
Victorious, You have come
C               G/B                 G
What was stolen, You brought back to us
{Repeat 2x }

Chorus :

Our Champion, You fight for us
Em7                  C
You made a way where there was none
Our Champion, You're strong in us
Em7                  C
The debt we owed, You paid in blood

Verse 2 :

The One in whom we belong
We'll lift our voice, join Your song
C                G/B          G
We were orphaned,now forever Yours

Chorus : [ ........ ]

Instrumental :
Em7  C   G  D 

Bridge :
       Em7                     C
We will shout it out from the mountain-tops
         G                  D
That our God is good, He has overcome
   Em7                    C
Let all the earth, every tribe and tongue
        G                   D
We will sing it out, He has overcome
{Repreat 2x}

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