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Ancient Of Days Chords

Ancient Of Days Chords

By   : Jonny Robinson, Rich T, Michael F, Jesse R 
Key  : C

Verse 1 :

            C    Am     G
Though the na - tions rage
            Dm     Am
Kingdoms rise and fall
            F      C/E
There is still one king
          Am    D   G
Reigning ov - er all
      C    Am   G
So I will not fear
          F      G     Am
For this truth rem - ains:
       F               G         C/G   C
That my God, he is the Ancient of Days

Chorus :

     F               Am
None above him None before him
       F       G    C
All of time in his hands
        F               Am             G
For His throne it shall remain and ever stand
        F             Am
All the power All the glory
        F       G     C
I will trust in His name
        F             G          C/G    C
For my God, he is the Ancient of days

Verse 2 :

Though the dread of night
Overwhelms my soul
He is here with me
I am not alone
O his love is sure
And he knows my name
For my God, he is the Ancient of Days

Verse 3 :

Though I may not see
What the future brings
I will watch and wait
For the Savior king
Then my joy complete
Standing face to face
In the presence of the Ancient of Days

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