7 simple steps to play the piano

7 simple steps to play the piano

Piano is a unique musical instrument, interesting and also fun to play. You may think that it is impossible to play the piano well without years of expensive music lessons.

7 simple steps to play the piano
7 simple steps to play the piano

Here are the simple steps you should try :

1. Find the piano or keyboard to play

The advantage of learning to play the piano is the resulting tone it pure as it is produced by a string. In the piano there are 88 keys / keys. While on the Keyboard does not have one of these features. Please note when you will make a choice

2. Sit facing the piano or keyboard and familiarize yourself with it

Play and watch for middle tones (half piano), basic tones (without black buttons), sharp tones (black right button), bass tones (low sound) and high notes (high sound). Listen carefully to each other’s characteristics  and feel how they differ from each other. Keep practicing until you can understand the difference between them.

3. Learn the basic tone

You must learn the basic tone if you want to be able to distinguish the tones you hear. Some people do this by learning the main chord and then writing down the numbers on the piano / keyboard keys.

For example, 1 is C; 2 is D; 3 is E; 4 is F; 5 is G; 6 is A; 7 is B; 8 is C. Notice how the numbers 1 and 8 represent both C notations, but C represents a lower or higher number. The number 1 represents the middle C.

Once you know how to do it, you can pay attention to sample songs with notes instead of letters. For example, Memed has a small dog with this E – D – C – D – E – E – E key. It will be denoted to 3 – 2 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 3 – 3.
If you do not have any music knowledge at all, you can find it by knowing the trial of the tone.

4. Learning Notation

Almost all songs consist of music notation. Chords are also often repeated to make the rhythm of the song to be stable. If you can identify the notes you hear, it will be easier to play the songs you hear.

5. Learn chords

Songs consist mostly of chord variations. You will hear it in a variety of different chords, but the chord consists of the same notes. Understanding the notes in a chord is very important when you find out the chord of a song with feeling

For example, C, E, G is a simple chord that you must learn to recognize chord C on the first major. However  the chord can also be played on lower and higher versions as well.

6. Memorize Tone Characteristics

Memorizing tones helps you to reorder the song. Then, you will be able to apply it to your piano game. In other words, the characteristics of the resulting sound should be able to catch

7.Finger placement and practice

To really get to play the piano well, you need to know the right finger placement to play the chord. The best thing you can do is learn it from the piano lesson books for beginners, so that you get a basic understanding of finger placement on the piano / keyboard. Listen to the song carefully and try to play his chord and see if you can accompany the song with the piano / keyboard


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